Miso et La Chambre Graphique : Metabolism

A collaborative fanzine & book project made over summer in Paris, with La Chambre Graphique. The fanzine contains works from the
Metabolism solo show, as well as a supporting essay and series of polaroids taken between Tokyo & Kiev : the two reference points of
the exhibition. Each fanzine is hand-pinned by Miso, is made from 3 different paper stocks, is hand-bound & features a full colour print.

The Original Edition is a hard-cover book bound by Héléna Frere {La Fratrie}, using Chanel surplus-order suede, and is bound with an
original artwork by Miso, hand-embossing by La Chambre and a copy of the fanzine : and is limited to 10 copies.

Edition of 110 {sold out}

Miso : DIY Tattooing
Guide to Home-Made Tattooing : published with Small House Books
Risograph print, edition of 50 {sold out}

Miso : Home-Made Tattoos & Polaroids : 2013 Yearly Diary :
Self-published / Offset print, edition of 1000 {sold out}