home-made tattoos : reiko & karlee

a rattlesnake (constellation) on reiko // one of my favourite people in the world. melbourne, december 2012

two tattoos on karlee ; a cat from a ghostpatrol drawing, & a shield constellation (scutum), on a very big day.

since starting tattooing, i haven’t been completely sure what i’m quite doing with it in terms of my art practice, & feel like these
tattoos lately are kind of coming together with it for the first time. i have been doing lots & lots & lots since i finished at the ngv,
so much fun on warm nights, and oddly enough… so much less pressure. lots more photos to come of new ones, for a zine soon.

funny enough, i also tattooed a cat on reiko not long ago, and a plant on her yesterday. i know karlee’s been thinking on a
plant for a little while, i wonder how long these parallels are going to go on for?

  1. So lovely tattoos!!!
    it’s very delicate and very feminine!

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